2017 Women In Business Retreat Testimonials


Comments for “Welcome Plenary: Money on the Table with Melissa Greenwell”

“Way to go! Simple & Smart! The 10 tips were fantastic!  The information presented was focused toward women.”


Comments for “Thursday Lunch Keynote: Courageous Leadership For Women: The Unwritten Rules of Success with Cindy Solomon”

“Way to go! You all hit it out of the park with her. She was superb!”

“She was unbelievable.  I could have listened to her all day.”


Which sessions of programing did you find most informative?

“I loved the entire experience and especially loved debriefing with my colleague at the conference.”


What was your favorite aspect of the event as a whole?

“Purposeful and plenty of networking time!”

“I enjoyed the atmosphere and being surrounded by strong and intelligent women from our community!”

“I feel strongly that all women should attend this event.  The motivational and uplifting programs are empowering, but even more, the connections one makes and information acquired is priceless.”

“The humor and relaxed atmosphere—definitely a retreat and not just another conference.”

“Organized, classy, and informative”

“All the wonderful speakers and networking.  It is awesome to be a part of such a great group of business women.”

“Intimate experience, culture of welcoming one another, real conversations with natural networking”


Please provide any additional feedback you’d like to share about this event

“Bravo! You absolutely outdid yourselves this year!!  This retreat was very professionally well done.  You have much to be proud of!  (And I love the swag bags – it’s almost like Christmas!)”

“Best women’s event in town – keep it medium sized.  Love it!”